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Info needed for Quote/before you message me

If you live North of St.Clair, west of Jane, east of Greek Town in Toronto or outlying cities beside Toronto Aka (Matteo’s Range) my personal availability begins week of June 22nd. Otherwise I can always help help sooner with guided DIy brake and gear adjustments over “Live Video chat Assistance” $1/min. 


So personally my availability is normally booked 2/3 weeks in advance, this season though I have two great mechanic friends of mine who are just as good/experienced as me if not more so that have more same week availability that handle my overflow.

Below is their range as well as my own, and the basic info and questions to read and send the answers to when you message me to assist in me giving you a more precise quote.

Anibal - He only services Jane-Leslieville  and lakeshore  to Davenport

Orion (Saturday/Sunday’s only) - services Greek Town-Jane and Lakeshore - St.Clair

Matteo - service Oakville-Scarborough & lakeshore- Vaughan/Brampton etc . 

*Covid precautions *

(Gloves used during job/alcohol sprayed to handlebars after test ride) 

You can always leave your bike locked with key made accessible etc if you can not be personally there. 


If this is too long a wait “live Video chat DIY Assistance” for $1.00/min and can help guide folk to do much of their own tuning whom wish to learn.

Here’s standard info for service. 

On average tune up labour come to $60/80 for 1-2 bikes depending on their state.


Every visit includes a 10 min tutorial on “How to safety check a bike/Basic self maintenance &  quick fixes” (also have in video)You can always set a cap on how much time, materials money you want spent on a given bicycle


Here’s the standard things I need for a quote and to get started below. Always cheaper if you have any friends close by or neighbours to split the travel charge  ($15-25 avg)

$40/h plus travel fee dependent on location  + potential parts, but for more precise estimate I would need




# of bikes?

Stored indoors or outdoors?

How old? 

How often used?

Specific issues felt?

Do you have garage/patio/sheltered work space in case of rain?

Etransfer and cash accepted

If tires have sat flat for a while and you have a pump, please pump to  psi written on side of tire if you have pump with a gauge or until rock solid when leaning heel of hand and upper body weight into tire. as sometimes slow leaks can be hard to identify and hate to leave any fix unfixed after I’ve left! Thus better they’re found before I arrive! 

Photos of tires IF cracking or gashes on the side or tread of rubber. And general photos of bikes help also! 

How many km have been ridden on the bikes since the chain was replaced roughly? (If you don’t know that’s fine)

Photos of chain IF you think it’s rusted solid orange and immobile. 

I also offer- 

electric bike conversions on pre existing bikes, bicycle touring   Orientation and Safe Cycling courses ages 7+ for families/work/neighbourhood groups. As well as Bicycle mechanic trainin



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