Bicycle safety check video

All of the topics below have a video made up for them on my youtube channel.

I can always go into more details on a topic via a Live video chat if you contact me and book a time.

Safe Cycling

As I mentioned on the first page, I have more than a decade experience riding in all weather conditions all year long. I ride 100 km/day, 5 days a week, 6 months of the year during my busy season. I have never been in an accident that wasn't due to my own blunder.

With proper strategy and positioning as well as concise communication, most all of the hazards that exist for some when cycling, will seem to simply not exist for you.

I have taken the Canadian National Can-Bike Instructors course for my formal training. However, what I teach is my own take. 

I teach individuals and groups age 7+, fee depends on the number of participants. Minimum of $40/hour. If you wish to see the  specific content that I cover just contact me and I will send it along.

Otherwise the topics I cover generally are

-Helmet fit/basic info

-How to safety Check a bike

-Proper safety equipment

-Road safety for both urban and long distance touring.

Can-Bike has a lot of great educative opportunities as well, below is the link to their (g1 type test I like to say) for Cyclists, appropriate for all ages.   

Bicycle Mechanics

The most economical thing of course, is to just learn to fix your own bike!

Whether you want to learn,  just for fixes for the family, your own bike, or because you want to learn to become a bike mechanic as your career.

I'm happy to help!

Teaching can be done live for $40/h

in small groups for a little more.

via video chat for $1/minute.

Electric Bikes

Absolutely Revolutionary in my opinion. If you wish to learn before you invest, or learn some of the proper care I have learned thus far. Happy to help.

Cross Country Bicycle Adventouring!

I took 4 years starting at 19 to live out of my Bicycle and saddle bags cycling North and Central America (two laps) stopped a lot along the way, pitching my bike and tent in yards, eco villages, tree houses, small islands, tall trees for my camping hammock; for months on end along the way with the friends I met. Even got to travel on a Veggie oil School bus across Mexico with my Bike and I on the roof (best seat on the bus). 

I also did those 4 years on less than $1000/year.

So if your interested in learning how to live out of your Bicycle, or learn how to get by on little financially. 

I'm happy to help!

URBAN Cycling Strategy

In my video i go into more detail but the main thing for me is proper spacing. Keeping a constant meter distance from the side of the road or parked cars, acting bigger and people will give you more space, act small and people will give you less space generally.