Fast-Affordable & Educative "on the spot” Bicycle Repair
Tune ups Avg- $60

 I Also offer Workshops on

Safe Riding, Repair & Maintenance.

*Please text if you require SOS assistance*


Basic Info

Welcome to my Site, I go into greater detail on my services in the links at the top of the page, but to summarize quickly. You contact, pass your info and book; I show up wherever needed to resuscitate your beloved Bicycle.

From Oakville east until Toronto Beaches, Lakeshore north until Vaughan/Brampton. I offer the following services. My “Live video chat services” I offer internationally

-Bicycle Repair/Tune ups etc. -  Electric bike conversions/Repairs 

- Live Video chat "Do-it-Yourself" assistance via my youtube channel here

- Group repairs - Basic Mechanics workshops - Safe Cycling Courses - Bike Touring prep/guidance - Parts Sales

Residential $40/hour plus Varying Travel fee, Tune up average is $60-80 for 1/2 bikes.

Events/commercial appointments pay a little more.

Large groups can have their travel fee divided amongst them to lower costs for everyone.

12 years experience working on bikes as well as commuting all seasons. I ride 100km a day 5 days a week all fair season long for work.  Bicycle toured Toronto to Miami twice, continued down into Central America the second time. Plus a lap of Tazmania once:)! 

If you want to ensure your bike is being looked after by someone who truly cares about both your safety/comfort and your bicycle's Longevity and precise performance. Or learn anything from my experience that your keen on, let me know. 

I'm always happy help.

How to Safety Check a Bicycle/Helmet fit video

Here is an informative Bicycle Safety video from my YouTube channel. via Youtube live I also offer “Live video chat assistance” for helping eager diy’ers to fix or diagnose simple issues.  For $1/min.


Keep me on speed dial for SOS Bike Help


More references can be found at my other platform

As well as occasional informative updates

welcome to the GTA Mobile bicycle shop frontier

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Matteo's Mobile Bike repair

Toronto, Ontario, Canada





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