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as well as  self maintenance and repair; for Children and Adults!

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Intro & Repair Service

At the risk of sounding arrogant, mine is simply the MOST efficient bicycle repair business model in Toronto. It doesn't get easier than a mechanic riding a bicycle full of tools to you, for less cost than a shop. Not to mention I'm generally a cheerful fellow to have a visit with.


is the fact that I always include and offer to any customer Adult or youth/child. The basics on how to Safety Check their Bicycle as well as orientation on safely navigating shared road spaces. (Defensive cycling)

 I take great care, myself on the road, and even though I think myself practically a pro at safely navigating streets; still i know it can be dangerous and thus my concern for everyone who has less experience than I, especially children.  I have studied the Canadian National safety curriculum that has association with Transport Canada and the Canadian Highway Traffic Act in regards to Bicycle Law and safety practices and as well my decade of riding full time all year long of experience that I use as my foundation to teach safety to others.

For those that ride their bicycles regularly and are looking to have not just a Mechanic, but a Bicycle Adviser per se, I can teach Mechanics, advise on gear, bike fit and comfort etc.


I have been servicing bicycles for a decade now. For 4 years full time in the summers only have I been running my Mobile Bicycle Repair business. Before that I worked as a Mechanic at MEC for a brief stint, a year at a Bike shop outside of New Orleans Louisiana. (Brooks Bike shop in Covington) and before that a few years learning the basics at local DIY bike shops in Toronto such as Bike Pirates. In between those stints of formal employment I lived out of my bicycle for 4 years Bicycle Touring North and Central America and thus became..quite in tune with tuning bikes.


From low end bikes to high end bikes (excluding hydraulic bleeding, suspension repair or electronic shifting) ShadowFax (my bike) and I can help you, I come equipped with a portable bike stand and the tools required to replace everything a shop can do basically.

 If you need new wheels or tires or larger specific things you would need to inform me beforehand.

I service residential as well as business' 

looking to offer service to their employee's.

One can be at home/work/roadside, or if  need be customers often leave their bicycles in their yard/locked on street with key hidden for me to service. I arrive on my faithful steed packed full of tools and bicycle TLC ensues.

For most cost efficient access to my services, organizing amongst neighbours or friends allows the price to drop for everyone!

Service area is Kipling to Woodbine to Lawrence. Farther if premium paid or an organized group.

Most residential tune up visits with a couple bicycles (stored indoors) come to about $50/70. Prices vary dependent on location and travel charge and if new materials/parts needed.

A tune up includes 

-brake & gear tuning 

-Safety check

-Chain de-greasing and oiling

-Anything you want done in the time you're willing to pay for!

 Anything else includes

-Wheel tension/truing

-replacing of brake pads, chains, cables, cranks etc

Bicycle Education-Maintenance & Riding Safely/Defensive Cycling

I also offer basic maintenance and simple repair information for every job I do. 5 of minutes explanation can go a long way! 

However beyond that I do offer deeper orientation into 

-Flat repair

-wheel truing 

-chain/gear maintenance 



Bicycles are very exposed, and can be quite dangerous. That which makes them more dangerous however also makes it very accessible for small amounts of torque and pressure to fix potentially dangerous issues by hand.

I always am eager to share for Adults and especially children how to properly Safety Check their bicycle, as well as sharing Safe riding practices and laws both verbally and by offering youth and adult orientation on the bike. 

If you would like to Book a Safe Riding

Course for the family just let me know!

If you wish to learn more on Bicycle Safety, there is a great National Canadian resource which is the Can-Bike organization and curriculum.

The link below will speed you off to one of their training modules. Which you can do online for free.  

Cross Country Bicycle Adventure Orientation


From 2 trips riding El Rocinante pictured here from Toronto to Miami, then down into the Florida Keys then around into Mexico and through the Yucatan Peninsula into Belize and Guatemala on the second trip. As well as my most recent lap of Tasmania. 

I have acquired a goodly amount of bicycle touring strategy and technique that I am always excited to share with new hopeful bicycle adventurers!


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