Fast-Affordable & Educative "on-the spot service"
Most tune ups =avg $55

 Workshops on

Safe Riding/Self Repair/Maintenance for ages 7+ for groups/individuals.


Keep your bike close,as well as the time and $ you'll save.



 Welcome to my site! If you need a Bike Mechanic, I have 12 years experience working with bikes, always more to learn though! If you need a Cycling Safety Instructor, I ride 100-150km every day and Have commuted all year long for 12 years plus 2x trips across North America as my experience navigating traffic as a cyclist. 

**Service area is Oakville to the Beaches and Lakeshore to Lawrence, Farther if premium paid or an organized group.**

From low end bikes to high end bikes (excluding suspension repair or electronic shifting) Pegasus (my  converted ebike, bike shop on wheels) and I can help you, I come equipped with a portable bike stand and the tools required to replace most anything needed. Whether your bike is at home, work, or locked up outside and the key hidden for me.

Services offered include


(all quotes require address for appropriate travel cost fee-avg $20/25--All visits can have a $$ cap placed on service, I always inform customer if it seems like work is needed beyond the estimated price.)

SOS Roadside repair-$40/h

Tune ups/Parts Replacements/General Repair-$35/h

(travel charge divides amongst higher number of participants)

Live Video chat guided DIY repair assistance $2/minute

Bike Fitting-$35/h

Safe Cycling Ed. courses/Basic Mechanics tutorials-

 $35/h (price decreases for each individual as participant number rises.)

Lock Cutting

$35/h plus variant travel charge.

Both the Tune up/Repair Service  as well as Educational services are subject to decreased prices as participant numbers rise.


I don't divide my services into *tune up packages* 

I simply diagnose the things that I deem are in the best interest of the Bicycle. Then I will tell you the quote and my thoughts, and you can either put a cap on the time/$$ spent or we do it all till its done.

The Checklist I employ when looking at a Bicycle however are the following:

Safety Check

-derailleur limiting screws-wheels connected tight-stem/handlebar connection-brake integrity-wheel tension


Precise functionality and appropriate performance-cable/pad replacement as needed


cleaned-oiled-chain guage check for wear- replacement as needed


-trueness-tensioned- tight axles-remove glass from tire tread- ensure rim tape is in good state- pumped- ON TIGHT!


All pivoting points receive penetrating oil. spoke heads, derailleur joints, brake joints, bolts under 5mm.


If there are no evident signs of disrepair from the internals such as your bottom bracket, wheel hubs or headset but you still wish me to open them up and regrease etc. then this you need to inform me of.

  Extra Info

For new parts/tools of your own/accessories/cycle clothing etc.

feel free to look through the online catalogue of my supplier a Quebecois Bike shop supplier. My lack of overhead means that I can always provide great deals.

I service residential as well as business' ,

looking to offer service to their employee's. Whether for Repair or workshops.

One can be at home/work/roadside, or if  need be customers often leave their bicycles in their yard/locked on street with key hidden for me to service.

****For most cost efficient access to my services, organizing amongst neighbours or friends allows the price to drop for everyone!

Service area is Oakville to the Beaches and Lakeshore to Lawrence, Farther if premium paid or an organized group.

Most residential tune up visits with a couple bicycles (stored indoors) come to about $50/70. Prices vary dependent on location and travel charge and if new materials/parts needed.

Introduction to Service


 At the risk of sounding arrogant, this is simply the MOST efficient bicycle repair business model in the GTA. It doesn't get easier than a mechanic riding a converted E-Bicycle (named Pegasus) full of tools, a portable bike stand and spare parts to you, fixing your bike on the spot. informing you of more handy info than most ever receive ALL for often less than a shop price.

Without having to 

-Transport Bike to and fro

-Wait for bike for various hours or days.

Bicycle Shops will always be needed, but for the majority of your Bicycle's repairs and tune ups, paying the overhead of store rental etc is not necessary for the customer to have to pay into.

 Pegasus and I,  my 100lb (now a converted Electric-Assist) Bike shop on Pedals can help you in the comfort of wherever your bike happens to be. Not to mention I'm generally a cheerful fellow to have a visit with.


is the fact that I always include and offer to any customer Adult or youth/child. The basics on how to Safety Check their Bicycle, simple self tuning, as well as the opportunity to come on a ride and receive some personal orientation to Safe Riding  with me on appropriately navigating shared road spaces. 

I take great care, myself on the road, and even though I think myself practically a pro at safely navigating streets (10 years commuting all year long & 2 trips across North America); still i know it can be dangerous and thus my concern for every cyclist, but especially those with less exp.

I have taken the Canadian National safety curriculum (Can-Bike) course for teaching Adults and children. Can-Bike is THE recognized tool in association with Transport Canada and the Canadian Highway Traffic Act in regards to Bicycle Law and safety practices. It is thus from my Formal knowledge and personal Exp. that I share my mix of all the best ways to ride safely.

For those that ride their bicycles regularly and are looking to have not just a Mechanic, but a Bicycle Adviser per se, I can teach Mechanics, advise on gear, bike fit and comfort etc.


I have been servicing bicycles for over a decade now, started at 17. For the past 5 years full time in the summers have I been running my Mobile Bicycle Repair business. Before that I worked as a Mechanic at MEC, a year at a Bike shop outside of New Orleans Louisiana. (Brooks Bike shop in Covington) and before that a few years learning the basics at local DIY bike shops in Toronto such as Bike Pirates while in Highschool. In between those stints of formal employment I lived out of my bicycle for 4 years Bicycle Touring North and Central America and thus became..quite in tune with tuning bikes. 


So I recently just converted my first bike to an E-bike. Higher quality parts and performance can be won for substantially less in cost as well as keeping your own Beloved bicycle of course! (compared to purchasing a preconverted Bike.)

And it is surprisingly easy to do an installation for yourself if you have any Mechanical inclination, otherwise I am able to lend some advice as well as installation assistance.

Best company I am familiar with in N.A. that specialize in providing for eager DIYer installations, is Grin Technologies or

Safe Cycling Education & Basic Mechanics Tutorials


Off the road & on the Road Safe Cycling Workshops and Ride practices

Road Safety basics ages 7-adult 

(Off the Bike) Avg-2/2.5 h

How to Safety check Bicycle

How to properly helmet fit

Rules of the road/Street signs/traffic signals

Communicating Intent

Understanding intent

Road hazards/weather hazards/streetcar tracks

(On the Bike)

Proper Turning pedal arm postioning

Spacing/safe Distances

Emergency braking

Signalling/shoulder checking/lane positioning

Intermediate Cycling Course

This would include riding on street, 

and cover all the above as well as practicing on multi lane road lane changes, the importance of confident riding, left turns from an intersection and more.

contact me for more detail.


Bicycles are very exposed, and can be quite dangerous. That which makes them more dangerous however also makes it very accessible for small amounts of torque and pressure to fix potentially dangerous issues by hand.

I always am eager to share for Adults and especially children how to properly Safety Check their bicycle, as well as sharing Safe riding practices and laws both verbally and by offering youth and adult orientation on the bike. 

If you would like to Book  Safe-Riding Course for the family just let me know!

If you wish to learn more on Bicycle Safety on you're own time, there is a great National Canadian resource which is the Can-Bike organization.

The link below will speed you off to one of their training modules. Which you can do online for free.  

Cross Country Bicycle Adventure Touring



From 2 trips riding El Rocinante pictured here from Toronto to Miami, then down into the Florida Keys then around into Mexico and through the Yucatan Peninsula into Belize and Guatemala on the second trip. As well as my most recent lap of Tasmania. 

I have acquired a goodly amount of bicycle touring strategy and technique that I am always excited to share with new hopeful bicycle adventurers!

Especially if you wish to learn to do this type of travel on the dime, I lived 4 years off $100/year and have much to share in that regard.


Keep me on speed dial for SOS Bike Help


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