Tune up protocol

I don't divide my services into *tune up packages* 

I simply diagnose the things that I deem are in the best interest of the Bicycle. Then I will tell you the quote and my thoughts, and you can either put a cap on the time/$$ spent or we do it all ’til it’s done.

$40/hour plus varying travel fee avg. is $25. For Residential.  Commercial/Event services pay a slightly higher fee.

The Checklist I employ when looking at a Bicycle however are the following:

Safety Check

derailleur limiting screws; wheels connected tight; stem/handlebar connection;brake integrity;wheel tension


Precise functionality and appropriate performance; cable/pad replacement as needed


cleaned;oiled;chain guage check for wear; replacement as needed


Trueness;tensioned;tight axles;remove glass from tire tread; ensure rim tape is in good state; pumped; ON TIGHT!


All pivoting points receive penetrating oil; spoke heads; derailleur joints; brake joints; bolts under 5mm.


If there are no evident signs of disrepair from the internals such as your bottom bracket, wheel hubs or headset but if you still wish me to open them up and regrease etc, then you need to inform me.


Electric Bicycle Conversions

Great way to continue to get the exercise you love, while riding faster and farther. Purchasing a premade Ebike can work just fine, but it can be difficult if the company goes out of business, when it comes time you want to upgrade etc. Converting your own bike not only saves you space as well as allowing you to keep the bike you love, but also leaves you with more flexibility to upgrade with the industry.


Conversion kits - $1300--$2000 or more depending. or purchase the kit yourself of course.


Live video Chat Assistance


You will be surprised, happily so, by how much one with little or no knowledge can accomplish with simply a guiding set of eyes and ears and some direction.

For $1/minute I go on video chat either on Facebook or Youtube Live. 

You can also use this service simply to book my time to ask general Questions, whether video is needed or not for $1/min all of the Educative topics that I offer:

- Cycling Safety

- Ebikes

- Bike touring

- Bike parts

-Maintenance info etc. 

Can also be spoken about during a session.